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Making things look rad since 2019

Through art & design, problem-solving & innovation, Rylei Art Dept. LLC (RAD) works
to make the world a better place by helping entrepreneurs build their vision while being mindful of the environment and all creatures
that call Earth home.


We Specialize In

Ads, Newsletters, Business Cards, etc.

Presentations, eBooks, Content, Kiosks, & more

Logos, Color Palette, Typography, Style Guide

Web Design
Front-End, Host Mitigation, UX/UI including Mobile Design

Art Direction
Branding, Web, Mobile, Print

About Us

Our Team


Leigh Erickson

Creative Director, Artist, Web Designer,
Visual Enthusiast

Putting the "Lei" in Rylei Art Dept., (think "Bennifer" but, cooler and more design-y). Leigh has a vast experience in art and design, working from small companies, start-ups, the outdoor industry, to the tech industry. She specializes in front-end web design, creative direction and visual design. She loves working with people to create something they are both proud of. She is also an artist and enjoys painting in her studio whenever her toddler and two dogs will allow her. She just completed a course on surface design so be on the lookout for some of her personal work to be on a surface near you!


Ryder Armstrong

Art Director, Graphic Designer,

Straight-Up Design Nerd

Ryder puts the "Ry" in Rylei. He's got over 20 years of design experience, so you better believe he's seen it all, just about. Ryder spent a good part of his design career creating printed assets for large corporations and continues to today. He's a pro at print design because NO, it is not dead. Ryder loves attention to detail and is the KING at organization. He's capable of designing just about anything you throw at his desk. Go, Ryder, GO!




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2801 Mission St. #2883

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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