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Rylei Art Dept. is built around two dedicated designers/artists Ryder Armstrong and Leigh Erickson, and developed organically through years of friends, family and business acquaintances reaching out to them in need of a marketing, branding, website and/or anything design-y. We like to think of ourselves as the oil in the dream machine.


Ryder is a graphic designer and art director with 17+ years of professional experience, and has had a prolific career working with everyone from Santa Cruz Skateboards to Cisco Systems. He’s helped to build successful startups, worked with local small business and some of the biggest corporations in the world. He eats and breaths Adobe CC, knowing it better than the back of his hand. He can also make a mean pot roast - maybe even better than your grandmothers. 


Leigh is our creative visionary and has helped many artists see their dreams to fruition through her gallery "The Art Cave". She expresses her lofty ideas painting abstract masterpieces in her art studio, and is our web design pro after working with a number of small business and start-ups, helping them build their dreams. Because, really, how much better would the world be if everyone could live their dreams? She also has a signature snowboard move, the POW slash, which if we're lucky enough to work with you, maybe we can hold a meeting on the chairlift, so she can prove it.


Then there's Bandit, our border collie/aussie mascot. He ensures we get our blood pumping, stay physically fit and constantly reminds us of the power of hyperfocus. Oh, he's amazing at frisbee, watch out for him on YouTube in the future.


On a more serious note, with years of graphic design and entrepreneurial experience, we strive to create visual collateral that you are enthusiastic about while being environmentally conscious with the future of design, and environment in mind. We look forward to working with you!

And remember, 


Ryder //
Art Director
Bandit //
Company Mascot,
Personal Trainer
Leigh //
Creative Director
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